27 August, 2010


Today was convocation - a lovely event that welcomes our students and ties us in the Academy back to out roots. We wear our academic gowns and there is a dais of sorts (think of the early Harry Potter movies) - and we recommit ourselves to the care of our students and to their development as people & citizens.

But not quite the same as it was in the past. After convocation we had a reception and I walked over to a table of young women and introduced myself. They immediately asked me who my favorite Disney character was (Micky Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice was my answer) and then asked me 'If you were to be  a Disney Princess  - which one would you choose.'

Lovely young women and great questions.

09 August, 2010

Week 1

I have completed my first week as Dean and I am quite happy with the experience. I find a very good set of students and faculty here that are engaged & interesting.

04 July, 2010

Pioneer Experience at Point Park

Returned from welcoming the A&S new students at Point Park. They are a wonderful and interesting group.

I have also been impressed with the city of Pittsburgh during my last few visits. The neighborhood and their loyal residents reminds me very much of the Brooklyn of my youth. A working class city with a lot of pride. The city seems a little frayed but not beaten down - sort of like my old lambswool sweater from grad-school days that still keeps me warm even though it is frayed beyond belief. Pittsburgh also has overall fell of a smaller scale Boston - ubiquitous and varied culture - dance, theater, opera, film (not just movies), symphony, and more. I've also had the chance to eat in some wonderful restaurants - the Fish Market downtown, Girasole in Shadyside - and the wonderful gelato shop above it, Pamela's for breakfast and the wonderful beer at the Church Brew Works. Good Food, Good Arts, Good People - yes I'm really looking forward to relocating my life to Pittsburgh next month.